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Donald Trump: Rise of The Sore Loser


What is  a sore loser? The Miriam Webster dictionary defines a sore loser as,” a person who becomes very upset or angry when he or she loses a game, contest, etc”.Is this a bad thing?    When I was a child, I was a bigger sore loser than Kobe Bryant.  I lost at everything. It didn’t matter  if it were sports, childhood fights, video games or school. My failute was so prevalent, that I couldn’t wait to attend church every weekend. I figured I could take refuge in a place where no one would judge or embarrass me.   I couldn’t have been more wrong.  My mom raised my siblings and I as Seventh Day Adventists.   If there’s two things you should know about Adventists,  it’s that they know their Bible thoroughly, and they attend church on Saturdays.Apparently, I was only  proficient at one of the two Adventist tenets.  I attended Sabbath school every Saturday, and every Saturday I’d be upstaged by one of my church classmates. I’d lose every bible trivia contest, I would always forget my Sabbath school homework, and I’d never be on time.    For most of my childhood, I felt like an ant under a magnifying glass.

Kobe Bryant was and still is, a classic sore loser.  He spent eight years of his childhood  in Italy,  due to his dad’s pro basketball career. Kobe had no friends, his only companions were his family and his  basketball.  When  Kobe Bryant returned to Philadelphia as a teen, he was again a social outcast. He was  a awkward teen who spoke Italian, had no friends, and couldn’t read and write in English anymore. Of course, everyone knows how  Kobe’s childhood story ended. He overcame his awkwardness by becoming a basketball savant at Lower Merion High School.

I did overcome my perpetual losing streak. I eventually beat my adversaries in video games, fights and sports. It took hours of introspection and obsessive practice. I spent a lot of time reading and soaking up wisdom from the  older people in my life.  I would accompany my older  cousins to their jobs, hang-out with their friends, and girlfriends. I also gained new perspectives on life, because I moved  a lot. My mom had a fetish for nationally ranked schools, and idyllic New England towns. I started excelling in school, because I finally approached it as a  tool to escape my mundane town . I stopped going to church. Attending church every weekend was ruining my self-confidence. I’ll explain why in another post.

American society is going backwards because we don’t challenge our sore losers anymore. Instead, laws are put into  place to coddle them.    Cyber-bullying is an issue because kids rather cower in fear, instead of fighting their attackers.  Instead of building a normal social life, adolescents rather emulate their favorite celebrities. In college, students now need “safe spaces” and other protective spaces.  The workplace isn’t safe either. The sexually inept have taken over that aspect of life too. Flirting can get you fired; even if the recipient is receptive to your advances.  If  you’re too attractive and in shape, you can be fired.  Introversion isn’t allowed in the workplace either.  You can’t eat alone  or work independently, or you’ll be harassed and targeted by the “Groupthink Mafia”.The biggest lesson that I learned from my childhood failures, is that self-confidence is the key to overcoming all obstacles.  Maybe that explains why Donald Trump is so close to being president.  He represents the old America, the America where you had to fight your way to the top.




I'm a young man trying to live freely.

9 thoughts on “Donald Trump: Rise of The Sore Loser

  1. I just read through this four times and I still have no words for it. I truly never saw things this way and I still don’t think I fully understand your point about cyberbullying but I love this. You’re an amazing writer, you express your point of view so clearly and thoroughly. It sounds like a lot of what you said comes from personal experience but I don’t know that for sure. I’m just guessing.

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    1. Thank you. I wasnt entirely level headed when i wrote it. Thats why It came across so choppy in parts. Yes, I write mostly from experiences. The point I was trying to make with the cyberbullying is that society has legislated out the checks and balances in life. When people use to threaten me as a kid, I could fight them. But now you can’t.

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  2. I don’t think you’re supporting Donald Trump but it seems as if you are saying that he is doing so well in this presidential campaign because he is self-confident. Yes Trump comes across this way, but he is also a thoroughly unpleasant man. You appear also to be talking about failure and success and that to be successful you need to be confident. This is true. I agree with the writer above that you write very well, but I was a little confused about the real message you were trying to convey. Are you a little confused about a few issues and in trying to address them you have somehow managed to muddle your thoughts? You’re still a brilliant writer though, but if you don’t mind me saying so, perhaps it would suit you better to be clear in your mind what it is you really want to say. Absolutely no offence meant so please don’t be offended in any way.

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    1. No Offense taken at all. This article/post was the weakest out of all of mine.

      Youre summation of the post was pretty spot on. I kind of rushed the whole process of writing this one.

      I was trying to relate my life experience to the state of the Nation; and therfore I guess trump’s popularity. However, I didnt thoroughly make my case, and I left out a whole lot of connections and exposition. My mistake.

      I don’t support trump, but I prefer him to Hillary clinton.

      Thanks for the compliment.

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      1. I wouldn’t say it was a weak post. You just came across as a little confused and now that you’ve explained why I can see that now. Sometimes when you have a lot of things on your mind, in your haste to get them down on paper, clarity goes out the window and your writing echoes your muddled thoughts. How mature of you to admit your “mistake”. I am so pleased you weren’t offended by my comments as I was only trying to steer you in a better direction. I would hate it if someone criticised my writing, but I was not doing that to you. I was just trying to give you feedback. I do however differ from you on Trump, I really cannot bear that man and I fear for America if he wins the presidency.

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      2. True, I did have a lot on my mind when I wrote. I also had a headache.

        Thank you. Im not a fan of dishonesty or passive aggressive behavior.

        I dont mind criticism. Its the only way I can get better. I called it weak, because it is weak. I know I couldve done better.

        America isnt going to change much with Trump. Its already behind other so-called ” first world nations” and other countries that America would hate to be compared to.

        Atleast with Trump, America would fix its infrastructure ,stop “nation-building” , curb the feminists’ takeover, and curb some of this hyper-liberal nonsense.

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