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Sin City: Ode to Diana


Tall women, I love you… Tall women, I thank you.I love your maternal hips. I love your hypnotic legs. I love your wisdom. I love your ingenuity.

Thank you for your ravenous nature. Thank you for your humor. Thank you for your empathy.
I love your athleticism. I love your cynicism. I love your graceful shoulders. I love your elastic tongue.

Thank you for your sensuality. Thank you for your femininity. Thank you for Halloween night. Thank you for that first week of college.

I love your curious neck. I love your awkward feet. I love your mysterious butt.

Thank you for the motivation. Thank you for the inspiration. Thank you for the dedication. Thank you for that Winter night.

I love your friendly cleavage. I love your seductive ways. I love your slight shyness. I love your geeky brain.

Thank you for the loss of innocence. Thank you for the chemistry. Thank you for the calm. Thank you for being my muse.

I love your Niagara Falls. I love your enticing smile. I love your sumptuous kisses.


Thank you  Serena Williams, for making me a Tennis addict.

Thank you Gina Carano, for converting  me into a Women’s MMA fanatic.

Thank you Madonna, for making me a fan of hedonistic women.

Thank you Famke Janssen, for bringing my favorite comicbook  to life.

Thank you Tyra Banks,for making “The Fresh Prince” must see  TV.

Thank you Rosario Dawson, for making me a fan of “La La’s”everywhere.

Thank you Marion Jones, for starting my love of athletic women.

Thank You  Jennifer Tilly, for creating my love of raspy voiced women.


Thank you Tall Women; you’ve made an  admirer for life.



I'm a young man trying to live freely.

22 thoughts on “Sin City: Ode to Diana

  1. This post made me giggle, I really like it! Also, I love your blog design especially this comment section. I have no idea how you made your comment section look like an envelope but it’s so cool. See you around! 🙂

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  2. Ahhh….I always wanted to be tall 🙂
    I love tall women, too (in the most hetereosexual and happily married way) – volleyball players, rowers, 400 m runners.
    Us short girls (if you consider 5’5″ short) – we are good at tackling at the knees and getting the dust balls under the bed.
    Great read!
    I’m gonna quit stalking your hallways now. Maybe 🙂

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    1. No, your stalking is very hippie like.. so, its cool.

      Im suprised, a lot of short women hate tall women. Thats cool that you appreciate them.

      And yep, a lot of the tall ones tend to be fit/athletic. might have to give the fit ones an appreciation blog

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      1. Sounds like a great next topic!
        As for hating other women – I have seen that, too. Jealousy/envy serves no purpose other than to ignite bitterness and melancholy – something that a certain US swimmer might be more prone to than me 🙂

        Hippie-like. Bahahaha! My friends have often teased me about being a conservative hippie – flowers in my hair, but with a full-time job and not very good at recycling plastic 🙂
        If you are new here, some of my favorite blogs are (funny funny writer – an awesome man, too) (deep, meaningful words to make you think – my blogger bestie) (clever writing and a super cool guy)
        There are so many more – you’ll find a lot of good people here.

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      2. hahaha.. Very true, and its an un-lochte type approach.

        Conservative hippie? thats a new one. I think im a hippie at heart, or more like a big toys r us kid.

        Oh yeah. I forgot to mention that I met missy franklin, 08 olympics swimmer. super nice lady

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