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Ryan Lochte: Rio’s Illusionist


Ryan Lochte is a racist.

The way Lochte conducted himself in Rio was a national embarrassment. Furthermore, his behavior is a prime example of White privilege at work.
Lochte behaved like an elitist racist,  just like American Police officers. Ryan Lochte came to Rio expecting to see people who look like Andressa Soares. Instead, he  saw people who look like Leandro Barbosa. Since he was letdown, Lochte decided he would treat Rio like his frat house.The way he treated the gas station attendants, the Rio police, and the entire country of brazil; was a classic case of  White privilege.   If Lochte had any  remorse, he would’ve stayed in Brazil, paid for the damages, and apologized.  He also wouldn’t have left his cohorts  to shoulder the blame. If that weren’t bad enough, some government official told him he had a  warrant; and he took off on a red-eye  flight . White Supremacy doesn’t allow their members to be seen as morally corrupt or guilty, not when the victim is black or a minority.

American Police officers are part of the same racist fraternity as Ryan Lochte. They treat anything black  with contempt. They assume that anything black is evil. Theyre arrogant, ruthless, cowardly, and soulless. If the Police Officer is guilty, they’ll let him go free on a technicality, or just fire him.White Supremacy doesn’t allow its members to take any losses. The American Police will have a minority follower of the church of White Supremacy take the blame. Lochte assumed that the armed gas station attendants were trying to harm him; just like the American police assume every black man with a  LEGAL gun is trying to kill them.Lochte assumed because he’s white there was no way he could’ve  commited a crime. If the Police officer or White Supremacy surrogate is found guilty, he’s immediately kicked out  of the white race, and deemed an “other“. Now, I have no problem with Officers who treat everyone like human beings. I had a state police officer in college treat me very well. Officer Tate was a great guy, but clearly he’s the exception to the rule.

The Olympics are here to bring nations together, and to show humanity that we can get along. At least, that’s what NBC wants us to believe. The Olympics are supposed to be about pride, decorum, class,  and sportsmanship. Ryan Lochte single-handedly ruined  that. He embarrassed his team, his olympic friends, and his country.   He had people covering up his fables and lies. Lochte almost  got Al  Roker fired  for doing his job. America’s White Supremacy propaganda machine spends millions of dollars every four years, to turn the Olympics into America’s prom night. Lochte needed the American media to  make him look like an olympian and class act. Usain Bolt only needed a Brazilian flag,and some golden shoes.




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6 thoughts on “Ryan Lochte: Rio’s Illusionist

    1. Thank you, that means a lot.

      Yes, I already knew lochte was a clown; because he was jealous of phelps since 08.

      I have some ideas for my next blog post already.

      Im just trying to figure out which topic to write about first. Something personal, or something in the news.

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