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Colin Kaepernick: American Patriot

Colin Kaepernick is America. Colin Kaepernick is the American dream. Kaepernick is Obama’s America. Kaepernick is supposed to represent post-racial America.  So why is he being slandered by the media, NFL, and most of the country?Colin Kaepernick practices everything America preaches. He escaped Milwaukee’s poverty. Colin was adopted by two white parents,and rewarded them with no behavioral or criminal issues, like some adopted children. Kaepernick went to College, and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in business management.  He was drafted by the 49ers in 2011, and played his first two seasons as a backup quarterback.  A lot of quarterbacks hate being used as a  “wildcat” qb, but Colin never complained.

There are two understated reasons why Kaepernick is kneeling during the National Anthem. First, the National Anthem is a slave anthem.  The Star Spangled Banner was  written in 1814, by Francis Scott Key. The lyrics came from the ” Defence of Fort M’Henry”.Francis Scott Key was a slave owner. He used to track down and harass freed black men and women, as a prosecutor. Francis Scott Key wanted Great Britain to return all the slaves who helped them defeat America in the war of 1812. Furthermore, The Star Spangled Banner was written to celebrate slavery, colonization and imperialism. Let’s not forget, America invaded Canada during the war of 1812. The second major reason is that America doesn’t tolerate dissent, especially if the protestor is a minority.  The government shut down Occupy Wall street, they’ve shut down the KeyStone Pipeline protests, and  tried to call a Black, legal gun owner in Dallas; a terrorist. The government called the Black Panther Party a terrorist group, and  all they wanted to do was feed and protect black neighborhoods. If you choose to live “off the grid”, the feds will come and firebomb your neighborhood. If youre in a professional league and youre protesting, youre black balled or threatened. America likes its Black citizens entertaining them and acting like a Sambo.

Here’s the most aggravating deflection that’s being used in this Colin Kaepernick vs America maelstrom.  Certain members of society and the media, keep repeating this mantra that Kaepernick is disrespecting Black military veterans. First things first, I have an Iraqi War veteran in my family, and he’d never support the lynch mob that’s attacking Kaepernick . Black Americans have fought for America in every war since the conception of this nation. Black Americans never fought against the free members of society. I recall the White Southerners fighting against America in 1865. Their traitorous rhetoric so powerful, that their descendants and sycophants still parade around the treasonous “Stars and Bars” till this day.  The Civil War was fought over state autonomy and state vs federal authority; not to  free slaves. According to the 1857 Dred Scott decision, no person with African blood could become a U.S. citizen. Black veterans were sent to bomb and destroy another  non-white  nation, while being denied rights due to “Jim Crow“laws. Black Americans fought in two great wars to free the Jewish people,yet their descendants treat Black athletes  and entertainers like slaves in the NBA,NFL,MLB  & Hollywood. Black Americans fought in the great Indian wars of the 18 & 19th century, so America can have its “Manifest Destiny”, yet the Native Americans  and Black Americans are suffering to this day. Black Veterans fought in the two Iraqi Wars,  yet Black Muslims here get treated like terrorists.

Colin Kaepernick needs to be left alone. He would know the true America. He’s tall,athletic, biracial and smart. All of these attributes are celebrated  , until you voice your dissent. People need to get their hands out of his pockets, too.Kaepernick earned every last dime of his NFL contract. He’s been getting into mini “car accidents” for a decade,in order to earn that money. Money is celebrated in this country as a right, until  a minority speaks up, then it’s treated as a priviledge. Furthermore, “Fighting for freedom” is an oxymoron and the greatest lie ever sold. If this is the greatest country in the world, why do we need to invade other countries to attain freedom? Wars are started over control of money, oil, gold, and poppy fields.





I'm a young man trying to live freely.

4 thoughts on “Colin Kaepernick: American Patriot

      1. I think that can go for mass media in general lol. That’s why I try not to get too engrossed in news. Because the contradictions just become way too irritating.

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      2. I here you, but the issue is, ignorance and hypocrisy cant go unchecked. This flag issue is everywhere, and its the microcosm of every current social and political issue thats going on in this country right now.

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