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Lena Dunham: America’s Cancer

Lena Dunham, alleged child molester, is back in the news. Dunham sat near Odell Beckham Jr  at a  stuffy   event  . Odell Beckham Jr is an elite receiver in the NFL. Therefore, Odell Beckham can date top-tier women. Apparently, Lena felt discriminated against because Odell didnt attempt to seduce her.Dunham is  an opponent of “Toxic Masculinity“.  If Odell attempted to woo her, she’d tell him to check his”male privilege”.  Dunham, America’s feminist voice ,  added fuel to the gender war by falsely  accusing Beckham of sexism.

Feminists have ruined America. It wasn’t the Conservative movement. It wasn’t racists from the Deep South. It wasn’t the gentrifying  hipsters of Brooklyn or San Francisco.  I can’t even blame today’s terrible pop music. If you look at the root of ANY problem in today’s society, it’s a feminist or a feminist supporter behind it. America’s educational system is a shell of itself because the teachers worship the  young girls, and persecute the boys. Only  docile and sycophantic boys  can survive such a toxic culture. As a young  boy,I always hated school. I didn’t hate to learn , I hated how I was treated. I was often told that I should be  “appreciative” of  my grades ,and  I should respect authority. How can I respect an authority, that sent me to the office for entertaining myself, or for questioning the teacher’s grading methods?

Feminism is the reason why you can get fired for sexual harassment, even if the conversation isn’t sexual. It only takes one nosy, Lena Dunham type, to overhear your conversation. I almost got fired from my job, because I wouldn’t speak to a female co-worker. She told my managers that I was sexually harassing  and bullying her.  They finally realized she was lying  because  the whole department knew she slept with my  boss’s boyfriend,  and tried to get my boss fired. Yes, it took that much work to get rid of the lazy devil.

People complain about  gun violence and crime in America, but they blame the wrong culprits. The NRA isn’t  the only group responsible  for the excess guns on our streets. Gun violence is a symptom of  feminism. Most crime is the result of broken homes, and single parent households. Furthermore, the rate of single parent household’s skyrocketed after the 70’s. The only movement in America that championed the dissolvement of the nuclear family was the Feminist movement.  Gloria Steinem is  a  CIA operative,  and face of women’s liberation. Steinem believes  women are superior to men ,and that  a husband wasn’t needed in the home. Steinem and Lena Dunham are both supporters of Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood was started by eugenicist and racist, Margaret Sanger. Margaret Sanger believed that Black women, minorities and the disabled; should abort their children. Margaret Sanger was the inspiration for Steinem’s Feminist movement. Furthermore, Steinem believed the educational system needed to be ran by feminists. Steinem got her wish and then some. Every school system in America, is run by feminists or feminist supporters. Colleges and universities aren’t exempt either. Liberal Arts colleges are especially aligned with the feminist movement. Lena Dunham went to Oberlin College, a  leading  “Third Wave” feminist university. Dunham and her cronies, are responsible for this “triggering”, “safe space” nonsense.

Lena Dunham is  a racist  and misandrist. Dunham felt she was entitled to Odell Beckham’s body because she’s a famous feminist  . Feminists are followers of  Hillary Clinton, a lady who called Black children “super predators”. Hillary Clinton is a self described “Goldwater girl” and once referred to Obama as a “Muslim”. Feminist’s are the reason black men were lynched 50 years ago, for “looking” at a white woman.Feminists encourage prosecutors to incarerate Black men for false rape charges. Feminists  propagate the “buck”myth about black men. Feminists are the reason black women and other women of color, have to accept “euro-cenric standards” of beauty. Lena Dunham and her supporters are the reason there’s’a movement to label straight men, “trans-phobic ” for not accepting mental illness as normal. America isn’t going to hell because of sexism, it’s going to hell because of entitlement.



I'm a young man trying to live freely.

29 thoughts on “Lena Dunham: America’s Cancer

  1. Your views are extremely strong and I must admit are not mine. I am in no way a feminist, believe me. I am of firm mind that all are equal and anyone, being male, female, or anything in between, who disrupt the natural Flow of Life, are the cause of what is so rampantly wrong with our world today. I respect your views for you are entitled to them. Yet I have lived a span of almost 3 times what you have, and so have more knowledge and wisdom on board. Keep on seeking. Keep on thinking. Only try to do so from a broader perspective. ❤

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      1. Vinny, it’s a process. Believe me. I’ve been extreme myself in my walk. If you are serious about seeking Truth, that shall be your walk. Many many people have rejected me on that walk, and that, my friend, I would not do to you. 🙂

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  2. Very broad strokes and generalizations, but I do see threads of truth with what you write and it is the sense of entitlement. Entitlement from all groups, be them gender, wealth, race, religious, etc… do nothing but show true weakness in individuals. Politicians and those in power (those in business perhaps being the biggest one), create people who simply are not in tune with reality. The pendulum seems to be overreactions and generalizations focused on skewed data when discussed – perhaps the feeding of ‘sound bites’ that stirs up emotions and often generated by the media create such extreme thoughts on both sides. Not a bad thing if it gives individuals insight on a different point-of-view, and starts a process of understanding equality and moving ‘society’ towards stronger communities working together. Hope this makes sense 🙂 Extremism is where I see threats today…and politics is a perfect example of this.

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    1. Thanks for the feedback. I tried not to generalize, but Its kind of hard not to, when my opinion on something is so strong. But Ill try and be more factual, I cant stop my bias, because its my But I agree with your overall point. The government and the “taste makers” so to speak, are promoting “identity politics”, and its to our detriment.

      Its creating extreme entitlement and disillusionment all around, and not just with the feminists. They are just the most effective vessels or provocateurs, that the “elite” use, to distract us all.


  3. You are a passionate one that’s for sure. I do believe energy had to swing one way in extreme for there to be balance afterward. We always need extremes to see where the truth lies for all of us. These feminists bug me. I’m an independent woman but I’m no better than any man. Only when my husband is wrong. ;). Gloria came into the scene just at the right time when our economy needed more money in the system. We should celebrate our differences because without one, the other cannot exist.

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    1. I actually agree with all of your points.
      Ive tried to tone down my “feelings” in my posts now..

      I want the “facts” to speak for themselves.

      And yes, feminists went from the bullied, to the bullies.

      Thanks for reading..

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      1. Thank you. It started off as an inside joke between my cousin and I.

        He was making fun of me, because I was singing “rebel yell” like a maniac..
        My whole family calls me Vinny, so he added the “Idol”.

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      2. Lol.. I knew about him too. He was a favorite of mine, when I was in high school.

        My cousin used the producer as an inspiration to call me that too. I used to Burn alot of mixed cds for that same cousin.. Like a low budget

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  4. I probably shouldn’t say much as I don’t have knowledge of the issue.
    All I can say is – Your thoughts are really very opinionated and extreme, which is a good thing. But feminism, in its correct essence, is not the root cause of problems. Rather it might turn out to be a solution for a few.
    Feminism, for me, means equality of women to men, not superiority.
    Though, superbly written.👍
    The facts that you mentioned, if are true, then surely feminism has got diverted from its real crux. And I feel sorrt for that.

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    1. American/Western Feminism at its core, was never about the equality of women and men. That message was just the cover or PR version of what it was about really: Female supremacy and dissolvement of the nuclear family.

      Im assuming youre not from the U.S. If so, that skewers your perception.
      The current form of feminism, “Third Wave” is like The female version of the “Alt-right” movement.

      Ive toned down some of my opinions, but dont forget that its still my

      Thanks for the compliment. I appreciate it.

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