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Despicable Me: Ode to Sienna

My dear Sienna,what have I done?

I left for a weekend, and it all came apart

Mom stole you from me, and now I have no sun


I fed you when you were small and weak

I bathed you, when you were filthy

and when you were disobedient, I tapped you on your beak


When I was frightened, you wailed like ADT

Anyone was a threat, even family and friends

I promised you we’d be together forever, like J.C. &P.


On days when I had SADS, you made me smile

Long days at school, you had it covered

Sometimes you wanted it reciprocated, and when I didn’t, you ran a mile


Your color was golden brown, like Elise Neal

You were the shortest of the bunch, like Kourtney Kardashian

But you had the heart of a Navy SEAL


There were many a time, when you bit the hand that fed you

There were many a time, you got me into trouble

But no matter what, your love was on schedule


Are you alive, after all these years?

Is there someone to bathe you, feed you, and keep you warm?

Forget what I taught you, A real man sheds tears


My dear Sienna, What have I done?



I'm a young man trying to live freely.

28 thoughts on “Despicable Me: Ode to Sienna

  1. This was absolutely gorgeous, Vinny, great job! I’ve never seen you write like this before (but maybe you have and I just wasn’t following you then) but you rocked it. So touching, so real, and so sweet. ❤

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    1. Im sorry about your loss. Losing a loved one or pet is very traumatic.

      Thank you. I was reminded of how much I missed her,when A lady asked me about past traumas.

      She was like, ” you probably never gotten over losing her”. I laughed her off at first, because Im not emotional,but she was right.

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