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Darling Nikki: Ode to Madonna


Welcome to the Circus…

no one leaves the same

there’s rings of fire, repressed desire

no ringmasters to obstruct your focus


Ringmaster’s  aren’t obnoxious, some make your day

hidden in churches, and lifetime bondage

wearing red, black, or white packages

Others come baring gifts, in skin-tight clothes and lingerie


It wouldn’t be a circus, without food and drink

cotton candy, spirits, pungent herbs for the brave

Rear pretzels and shrimp for the gluttons

binge at your peril; kink will make you blink


Clowns arent the star of this show

rings of fire, mindless chatter

superflous makeup to distract

Only clowns, I want around; emote and blow


Come to center ring; the stars are starting to arrive

Elephants, horses, big cats; dominant on their own

Come to the circus, to be tamed, to unleash

Agency is great, but animals rumble to feel alive.


Welcome to the Circus.



I'm a young man trying to live freely.

39 thoughts on “Darling Nikki: Ode to Madonna

  1. I like how this piece isn’t so direct that you can pinpoint exactly what it’s talking about immediately. It leaves room for interpretation, it’s slick and it’s done well. Nice work!

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  2. Oh man you do have a way with words, Vinny! Exceptional writing and at times I just had to stop to figure out what you are talking about. (smile) The video was class A hot and matched what you wrote with great synchronization. Beautiful job all the way around!! Really enjoyed this! Thank you! ❤

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  3. I loved the freedom with this poem, to be able to interpret it our way. From what I took of it, the message in it is very sadly so so true! Everything’s become a circus show these days.

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    1. Thank you, Im glad you enjoyed yourself

      Yes. I suceeded. I was hoping that it was coded enough that people would understand how raunchy I am/the women I like.. but not to coded, that people would get bored.

      Yea, I remember seeing the video as a kid, and being mesmerized by her. lol

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