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Wheel in the Sky: Ode to Summer


Dear Summer, you might not remember me…

It’s Vinny Idol, the kid hooked on the West

The man with more Ponzi’s than Shark Tank

 Jog your mind; Ive been in recovery


Its been five years since we parted

Life’s been a grind. More like a hurricane; like that Rihanna song.

Im not exaggerating. Did you forget, I use to get carded?

We had fun together. I use to show the world my thong


Im a different person now.

I follow the holy trinity: yin, yang and Iron

Drinking is elementary, I study spaceships.

I was barely religious, but I needed a Tao


Dear Summer, you always made me jealous

Staying out late, partying with the best and brightest

Road trips every year; sometimes exotic

All is forgiven. I consume all oxygen;drop the other fellas



I'm a young man trying to live freely.

17 thoughts on “Wheel in the Sky: Ode to Summer

      1. Naw…. never generic! Not from you…

        I warn you the video for “Breaking” is kinda strange but GET INTO them instruments.
        Anthony Kiedis and Flea? Whaaaaa????

        Liked by 1 person

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