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Purple Haze: Me & My Girlfriend

“When you smoke the herb, it reveals you to yourself”.Countless lives have been destroyed. Voting rights have been revoked. Billions of dollars have been misappropriated and wasted. Generations have been brainwashed, and entire races demonized over this plant. Marijuana is my best friend. I’ve been in a hot and cold relationship with Cannabis, since 2009. Thankfully, there has been a cultural shift in the last seven years. The discriminatory laws against my girlfriend are slowly being overturned. She’s finally being allowed to showcase her abilities nationwide. It’s hard to open up to someone, when you have to hide who you are. I initially didn’t want to date her, because of peer pressure. It’s hard to date someone when the whole world is against your relationship.

The best relationships start in the dark. At least, that’s been my experience. I’ve always been my own best friend. Despite the many siblings, countless family members and friends; no one truly understands me. My greatest comfort was my imagination. However, like the seniors and terminally ill who brought my girlfriend to the forefront; I noticed I was losing my spark over the years. The stress from bouncing from school to school, and being my genius sister’s brother; had taken it’s toll. I started to develop insomnia and ADD in college. I had a feeling that I had ADD when I was a kid, but it didn’t manifest itself until college. My cousin introduced me to my girlfriend, on a cold winter night. He spent weeks pestering me to speak to her, but I refused. I didn’t want to betray my Adventist upbringing, or be a stalker. After hours of being taunted by my cousin, I gave in, and decided to speak to my lady. My cousin and I went to a friends house, and parked his car. My cousin and my lady, spent some time exchanging pleasantries and hugs, then it was my turn to introduce myself. My lady was cold, so we gave her some alcohol to warm up. After she got warm, I went in for our first kiss. Man, it was awful. I almost choked on her spit. That first kiss changed my life. I could feel my spark, my imagination, re-ignite. That first high made me feel like I could trade ideas with Einstein or Marcus Garvey. I knew from that day on, the “War on Drugs” was motivated by economics and race.

The “War on Drugs” has no basis in reality. It was started by Lee Atwater and Richard Nixon, in order to control the social upheaval sparked by the Vietnam War. Richard Nixon wanted to stop the hippies from turning society against the war, and Black Americans to stay at the bottom. Marijuana was criminalized because tobacco companies didn’t want any competition from hemp farmers. It also was demonized because elite white men said that getting high, made white women more likely to sleep with black men. Pharmaceutical companies make billions from drugs that are inferior to the mighty green leaf. Marijuana will never be decriminalized in all fifty states because small town USA, needs the prisons jobs created by nonviolent drug offenders. Every day, America hears Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton pledge to improve the economy. America’s economy and society would improve, if they allowed my girlfriend to take her original place, as America’s number one cash crop.



I'm a young man trying to live freely.

25 thoughts on “Purple Haze: Me & My Girlfriend

  1. Hi Vinny!
    Loved the way you used “girlfriend” as a metaphor. Of course, it reminds me of Rick James’ classic “Mary Jane.”
    You presented a compelling case. I don’t disagree 🙂
    I’ve never ‘talked’ with her but I know a lot of people who have and they enjoy the relationship. LOL!!!
    Hope you’re doing well 🙂

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    1. Hi Lady G.. I originally had “mary jane” as the video to accompany this post, but I felt like it wouldve slightly trivialized my post. Only because I feel like Weed is more of a political thing in sociery, than personal.

      “Mary Jane” was the inspirtation for the post though. I often call “mary jane” my best friend. lol

      THank you.. Im well.. Hope youre well too.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I can see why you opted not to use “Mary Jane” as the video.
        That makes perfect sense.
        You are right, it’s definitely political. Tobacco and Alcohol have been primary or secondary contributing factors to so countless injuries, illnesses and deaths but they are still legal–it’s politics so I feel you brah!
        Enjoyed it 🙂

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      2. Youre so Definitely true. Alcohol and tobaccoo are popular and legal, because they make you dumb and incoherent.

        Weed makes you rebel and think. It makes you introspective. When you start to question everything, especially the way society is setup; you become a threat.

        I probably shouldve made the post a little longer, but I didnt want it to be wordy and corny.

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      3. LOL!
        If it’s thoughtfully presented it could never be corny 🙂
        That said, if you had said more I don’t think that the quality of the piece would have suffered.
        By the way, my friend, this is YOUR blog…you just speak your mind and don’t worry about whether people think it’s wordy or corny!

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  2. I never tried that kind of relationship. LOL, but it’s a real noise everyone has been talking about. It has so much benefits as they say but there seems so much fear in legalizing this girl. Who knows? Perhaps one day…

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    1. They dont want to legalize it, because theyll lose control of your mind, your pocket, and your tribalism.

      Marijuana makes you rebel, it makes you question everything. Itll make you less distrustful of mankind; because it showers you with peace and love.

      Jah bless;youll try “her” one day.

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